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Principal's Message

St Francis Academy run by the Capuchin Friars Minor Society. We aim at integral development of the human personality; an integration of the spiritual, moral, affective, physical, academic, aesthetic, communitarian and social dimensions of a person’s life; a fine blend of imagination, creativity, innovation, critical sense and attitude of service.

The most important characteristic of our school is a passion for quality. Excellence is the key word. The criterion of excellence is applied to all areas of school life; the aim is the fullest possible development of every dimension of the human person. Our school programme tries to create a climate that promotes excellence among students.

We here at St. Francis Academy are concerned with the total formation of each student as an individual loved by God. The school lays emphasis on the fullest possible development of all the God given talents of each individual student. We acknowledge that our students bring with them many talents besides their academic capacity and recognize that they have immense energy, enthusiasm and initiative. Hence we try to provide innumerable opportunities for them to participate in a wide range of sporting and co-curricular pursuits and encourage them to join in all the activities of the school. Teachers who inspire in the students a love of learning and the creative spirit encourage them to pursue excellence and give them the skills and enthusiasm they need to make a positive difference in the world.

Franciscan education is always person centered. It insists on individual care and concern for each person. The educational process recognizes the development stages of intellectual, affective and spiritual growth and assists each student gradually in all these areas. We are aware that the teachers are more than academic guides. Hence we make every effort to involve them in the lives of students taking a personal interest in the intellectual, affective, moral and spiritual development of every student, helping each one to develop a sense of self worth and become a responsible individual within and outside the school.

The School website is a gateway of information on all aspects of School life. The Franciscan ethos can be seen in all that we do and how we do it.

Fr. Jonson Ekka


St. Francis Academy, Motihari